Cargo Fleet Offices, Middlesbrough Road, TS6 6XJ

About Us

The School was originally set up in 2015 by Jon Elliott after returning home from London from studying degree level music.

Jon got Dan Walker on board who also returned home after 7 years study in London and refining his musical skills to persue a career as a professional musician, Dan is our current CEO and has a vision for the future of the school as it becomes the premier music teaching environment in the North East.

In 2018 they moved into the new school premises with prestigous offices and 8 tuition rooms in the Grade listed former British Steel HQ building.

The business has doubled its turnover from initially moving in early 2018 and has the cream of professional musicians who teach Vocal, Guitar, Piano, Bass, Drums, Violin, Ukelele, and recently added Cello, and are all gigging musicians.

The schools teaching philosophy going forward is to pass onto others its wealth of knowledge and skills in Vocal & Instruments for the student who wants do it for sheer pleasure of learning music, or to inspire the new generation of North East musicians who want to persue their dreams, and we welcome all abilities, from the very young to the mature who recognise that our school is the place to be.


Elliott's Music School
Cargo Fleet Offices, Middlesbrough Road,

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